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Countryside Rangers Visit Wick School at Caithness Science Festival  

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High Life Highland Countryside Rangers took part in the recent Caithness International Science Festival 2022, with a visit to Newton Park Primary School in Wick where the theme was Scottish mammals.  

HLH Countryside Ranger Roz Summers said:  

“It was good to be back in person at this fantastic festival.

“Over the years the Rangers have put on demonstrations, workshops and displays on various topics and this year we were continuing our 2022 theme of Scottish mammals” 

The Countryside Rangers ran workshops for pupils from Newton Park Primary to explore how our Scottish mammals will be affected by climate change and how we can help them by providing habitats in Wick.

They looked at the wide variety of mammal species in the Highlands and how they were perfectly adapted to the environment, for example by looking at their skulls.

They also led an in-depth investigation of everything to do with bats: how bats evolved from the furry insect-eating land mammals to the great variation of species we see today and why they are important to humans. 

HLH Countryside Ranger Paul Castle said:  

“The Pupils were fascinated and very well informed.

“They really got into the spirit of the morning and made valuable contributions to the debate.

“The science festival put on an extraordinary programme of international presenters and lecturers and we were very pleased to be part of it again.

“We are looking forward to next year already.” 

Pupils working out how climate change will change our mammal species © HLH.

For more information on Caithness International Science Festival visit:  https://www.science03.org/ 

High Life Highland’s Countryside Rangers run public events including guided walks throughout the Highlands aiming to raise awareness and encourage appreciation of the scenery, wildlife, and heritage.

The Countryside Rangers work with schools and other organisations in the Highlands to help promote and protect our wildlife and heritage. 

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