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COVID-19 Vaccine Programme

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Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Gregor Smith has written to healthcare professionals who are involved in the delivery of the vaccine programme against COVID-19, updating them on the revised clinical advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisations on dosages.

Alongside the publication of the letter, Dr Smith said:

“As the First Minister has pointed out, the sharp rise in positive cases in Scotland is further evidence that the new strain is increasing transmission.

“Given the very high level of protection afforded by the first dose, vaccinating a greater number of people with a single dose will prevent more deaths and hospitalisations than vaccinating a smaller number of people with two doses.

“The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has recommended this approach, reflecting the need to reach as many people in the shortest possible timeframe within the available vaccine supplies.

“The protection after the first in a two-dose schedule is very substantial for both available vaccines.

“The second dose is still important to provide longer lasting protection – but this will be as or more effective when delivered at an interval of 12 weeks from the first dose.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we ask everyone to be patient and stay safe by continuing to follow FACTS and the guidance on restrictions as we work our way through the vaccination programme.”

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