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Cru Holdings Coronavirus Safety Measures

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Cru Holdings takes extra measures to reassure customers in the wake of Coronavirus.

Cru Holdings, operator of several of the busiest bars and restaurants in Inverness, has implemented additional measures in an effort to keep customers and staff safe and the Highland economy moving.

Scott Murray, managing director of Cru Holdings, explained:

“As a hospitality business, we have a duty of care to our staff and customers and so we have been swift and proactive in providing staff training and customer information in an effort to minimise the spread of Coronavirus.”

Measures taken include:

The introduction of a contactless payment policy throughout Cru venues to minimise cross contamination.

Where possible, customers are being asked to pay using contactless.

Staff will then wipe card machines with antibacterial wipes after use.

Antibacterial wipes have also been made available to customers to wipe down their mobile phones or other items

Handwashing guidelines placed in all bathrooms

Increased frequency of cleaning introduced at all venues

Regular sanitising of heavily used surfaces such as door handles

Information notices at each entrance asking people not to enter if they are experiencing any of the symptoms linked to Coronavirus or if they have been exposed to those with the virus.

All staff has received extra training specific to health and safety measures to minimise the spread of Coronavirus.

The company has also set up an internal disaster management portal so the company can communicate any updates swiftly to all sites.

Speaking about the measures, Scott also stressed the company’s responsibility as an employer of more than 100 staff:

“We are already seeing the impact of Coronavirus on the stock markets.

“With airline travel cancelled we can expect a drop in tourism which will hit the hospitality industry hard.

“We need to do our bit to keep the Highland economy moving and for us that means taking practical measures to keep staff and customers safe in our venues so that people still come.”

Mindful of the increased pressure likely to be faced by the NHS, Cru Holdings has announced a special arrangement for NHS workers.

Upon showing ID, NHS staff will be offered a free tea or coffee as well as 20% off food at any Cru Holdings’ venue.

“This is just a small gesture of thanks for all the amazing work NHS staff do and will be doing as the situation with regard to Coronavirus worsens.

“I’m pleased to say that since announcing this on Saturday an unprecedented number of people have used this offer,” said Scott.

Inverness Travel is another business owned and operated by Cru Holdings and the team has been working hard helping customers rearrange travel plans or understand their rights in terms of compensation for cancelled flights and accommodation.

Any customers worried about holidays booked are being urged to check the website, use live chat or phone the team via www.invernesstravel.co.uk.

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