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Customer Service and Registration Teams Putting Customers First  

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A ‘place by place’ review of Highland Council Service Points and their opening hours has placed customer needs at the heart of its outcomes.

An update on the amended schedule of opening hours has been shared with Councillors on the Communities and Place Committee that reflects the needs of each individual place.

Chair of the Communities and Place Committee, Cllr Graham MacKenzie said:

“It was clear that following the reopening of Service Points after lockdown that new opening times were required to put the customer first.

“This review, undertaken on a place-by-place basis, recognised that local places have different needs that must also balance the dual role of service point and registrar assistance.

“The Council will keep the opening hours of the Service Points under review to ensure the best possible service can be delivered within available resources.”

Some of the new opening hours have started while remaining changes will take place over the coming weeks.

Councillors also commended the Customer Service and Registration Team for their changes to work patterns and services over the last three years including the introduction of remote appointments to register births and deaths that can now be conducted by telephone and / Teams appointments.

The introduction of a “remote” option to register an event has enabled people living in rural communities to do this from the comfort of their own home, reducing the need to travel to a Council office, often at challenging times in their lives.

Post pandemic wedding requests in the Highlands have proven very popular with the Highland Council’s Registration Service and Councillors commended the Registrars on their ability to accommodate increasing request for remote and rural marriage events in the region.

Cllr MacKenzie added:

“It is very pleasing to see that our Registrars while not only supporting those in often their darkest moments are also providing a service to those in happier times.

“I am delighted that our beautiful Highland region is seen as a desirable place for people tying the knot and I congratulate our very able and accommodating Registrars on a professional service that they provide in often challenging locations.”

The amended opening hours for each Service Point will be as follows:

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