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Devolution Demolishing Tories Plough Ahead With Internal Market Bill

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The Tory government has come under fire over its move to yet again roll back on Lords’ amendments that sought to protect the devolution settlement and prevent the Tories from grabbing devolved powers and hoarding them in Westminster.

In the House of Commons, the UK government reinserted wrecking ball amendments – despite suffering another round of defeats in the House of Lords.

Commenting, SNP MP Drew Hendry (pictured)- who led for the SNP in today’s debate on the bill – said:

“The Tory government detests devolution and any pretence otherwise has been swept away by this power grab bill, as it puts into action the casual contempt it has for the devolved Parliaments.

“Yet again, the Tories ditched key Lords’ amendments and ploughed ahead with plans to impose a bill which seeks to bypass the devolved governments, spend in devolved areas, and force them to accept standards set by Westminster in devolved policy areas like public health measures, the environment, and food safety.

“Despite the Bill being torn apart in the Lords and rejected by the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly, the Tory government has railroaded ahead regardless.

“The Internal Market Bill is a democratic disgrace, and the devolution demolishing Tories know it.

“It is beyond doubt that Westminster is acting against Scotland’s interests and while the Tory government repeatedly refuses to listen, people in Scotland are – they can see the disdain on show for the devolved Parliaments and attempts to undermine it.

“Scotland can do so much better and it’s clear that the only way to properly protect our interests is to become an independent country.”

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