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Discretionary Business Grant Scheme Open for Applications in Highland

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The Highland Council has today (Wednesday 10 February) launched its Discretionary Business Grant Scheme.

A one off £2000 business grant is available for businesses who have been unable to secure alternative grant support and have seen a significant reduction in trade – be that goods or services.

Cllr Trish Robertson (pictured), Chair of the Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee said:

“This grant scheme is to help those businesses who have, for whatever reason, fallen through the funding gaps left by the UK and Scottish Government grant schemes.

“We have deliberately adopted the £2,000 award and kept the grant scheme wide ranging and not sector specific, so that we can reach out to as many businesses as possible with the funds we have received from the Scottish Government.

“I urge all affected businesses to go to our website, take 15 minutes to read over the guidance, gather all the bank and business evidence required and to apply using our online form.”

She added:

“This grant scheme is different than others, because there is only a limited pot of money available.

“We therefore are going to have process applications on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

“However, to be fair to all, if an application is completed incorrectly and the right evidence is not provided, it will be paused to allow us to first process all the other fully completed applications.

“So, it is more important than ever to get the application completed correctly and to provide us with the information requested.”

For more information and to apply online please visit the Council’s website 

Over the coming weeks the Scottish Government will be making available a range of other grants to businesses, including Newly Self Employed, Mobile Close Contact, Large Self-catering and B&B’s.

As information becomes available from the Scottish Government, the Council will provide guidance and detail on its website as to who is eligible and how to apply for grant.

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