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Do You Want to Help Others?

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Opportunity for people with a history of drug or alcohol problems in the Highlands to start a career in helping others.

An award-winning training and employment project for people who have a history of drug or alcohol problems is looking for people in the Highlands to take part.

The project is based on SDF’s award-winning Addiction Worker Training Project. 

The learning aspects of the course are primarily delivered remotely through the use of computers, therefore enabling people who live in rural areas across the Highlands to take part.

The Recovery Worker Training Project (RWTP), run by Scottish Drugs Forum, supports, trains and prepares people with a history of drug or alcohol problems to work in the social care field.

If successful with their application, RWTP prepares participants for employment through formal learning and in-work placements over a 39-week period – whilst paying them to take part.

As well as developing skills and confidence, the trainees also receive an intensive package of personalised support and a weekly wage.

The Addiction Worker Training Programme has been running since 2004, over 300 opportunities have been created across 15 areas of Scotland.

Over 90% have completed, with 85% securing further employment, the majority to full time jobs in the health and social care field. 

A former AWTP trainee, said:

“The training was amazing and really informative.

“It gave me a better understanding and a better knowledge of the line of work I’m going into.

“I finally feel that I am now where I’m supposed to be.

“I feel like I am now more productive and working to provide for my children.

“The Addiction Worker Training Programme changed my life. 

“I will be forever grateful for the project and the opportunity that SDF gave me.”

David Liddell, SDF Chief Executive Officer, said: 

“As an organisation we have been keen to provide as many people as possible the ability to benefit from the life-changing opportunities that the project provides.  

“Over the years, our experience elsewhere in Scotland has been that above 80% of those graduating from the paid employment programme go on to work in either addiction services or the wider social care services. 

“The programme therefore will not only benefits individuals, but also local services seeking to recruit motivated and skilled workers.”

SDF will be hosting an online open day, for all potential applicants, employment support providers and funders on the 13th of April 2021 at 11.00am-12.00pm via Zoom. 

Colin Pomeroy, SDF’s Senior Development Officer for the Recovery Worker Training Project, said: 

“We are delighted to be recruiting new trainees for our award-winning Addiction Worker Training Project.

“The programme gives those with a history of drug or alcohol problems use a unique opportunity to gain a qualification in social care, with trainees learning about the addiction field and how to support people who are experiencing issues with substance use. 

“At SDF we believe that someone’s experience of substance use is a strength not a weakness as it can help them to understand issues that someone else who is accessing a service may face.

“Anyone who may be eligible or interested in the programme is encouraged to attend our information day on the 11th of April where aspects of the project will be discussed in depth.”

Applications are currently being taken until the 16th of April 2021.

More details, including an application pack, can be found on SDF’s website here

To register your interest and to be sent details on how to join us, please email recruitment@sdf.org.uk.

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