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Double Whammy of Penalties for Faulty Tyres

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Motorists could face both large fines and hikes to their insurance premiums if they drive with defective tyres.

Car insurance comparison experts Quotezone.co.uk is warning drivers to check tyres before getting on the road and say this October’s Tyre Safety Month is the perfect reminder.

Motorists can be fined up to £2,500 for each faulty tyre and 3 points on their driving licence.

If the police see another tyre falling short of the law it doubles to £5,000 and 6 points.

Four faulty tyres could even see the maximum 12 points – resulting in the loss of a driving licence.

Commercial vehicle drivers can find themselves with the same fines even if the car or van is owned by their employer – with their firms subject to maximum penalties of up to £20,000.

The misery does not stop there as Greg Wilson, founder of car insurance comparison website Quotezone.co.uk, explains:

“While the complexity of insurance premium calculations makes it impossible to put a pounds-and-pence figure on it, on average three penalty points could result in a 5% jump in a driver’s car insurance premium, while six penalty points could see the cost of their insurance rise by an eye-watering 25%.

“Also bear in mind that most driving convictions must be declared to insurance providers for five years – even if the penalty points are removed from your licence after four.

“With a lot more cars parked at home at the moment due to various lockdowns you would imagine tyres are in better condition than normal, with fewer miles recorded for wear and tear but it is crucial that you give your car the proper TLC before travelling.”

“It’s also important as the weather gets worse to fill up on oil and water and maybe even take a shorter test journey before a big drive to make sure your battery is working well.”

Since 2010 motoring charity TyreSafe has promoted Tyre Safety Month.

Its 2016 examination of 340,000 replacement tyres showed over 27% were illegal due to inadequate tread.

TyreSafe’s 2020 campaign covers all three key areas of routine tyre maintenance: air pressure; condition; and tread depth – ACT.

The campaign seeks to encourage motorists to check their tyres at least once a month every month and before long journeys.

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