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Douglas Ross and Alister Jack Told to Apologise for Misleading Committee

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The SNP has demanded that Scottish Tory leader, Douglas Ross, and Scottish Secretary, Alister Jack, apologise for playing politics with the pandemic and deliberately misrepresenting past evidence from Health Secretary Jeane Freeman.

At an evidence session of the Scottish Affairs Committee, Douglas Ross stated, “I have a quote in which she (Scottish Health Secretary) told the Scottish Affairs Committee on the 11th June, saying she is not aware and could recall no communication with Mr Jack.”

When asked by Ross who had misled the committee over the meeting, Jack replied, “She has.”

In reality, Jeane Freeman’s evidence to the committee stated, “I met him [Alister Jack] on one occasion during the pandemic when Mr Hancock came to Scotland…and we had a late evening meeting at which Mr Jack was present.”

In a further answer Ms Freeman also said she had not received any communications from Mr Jack but that “…We did have a conversation at that Thursday evening meeting.”

Commenting, SNP Shadow Scotland Secretary Mhairi Black MP (pictured) said:

“Rather than playing politics with the pandemic, Douglas Ross and Alister Jack must apologise for their deliberately selective and deceiving remarks against the Scottish Health Secretary.

“It’s clear from the exchange that Ross omitted the key part of the answer from Jeane Freeman at the committee – highlighting that this is nothing short of a cheap Tory stitch-up that will fool absolutely no one.

“Douglas Ross of course has form in issuing incorrect remarks given he earlier misrepresented the views of National Farmers Union Scotland and misled the public over the threat of low-quality imported goods – with NFU Scotland’s policy director stating he was ‘fuming’ with the MP’s comments.

“The people of Scotland deserve better than the petty and dangerous politics being peddled by Douglas Ross and Alister Jack.

“They must apologise now.”

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