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Douglas Ross Challenged to Reject Further Trashing of Devolution

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The SNP have challenged Scottish Tory leader, Douglas Ross, to publicly reject any Westminster plans for fracking in Scotland, when the SNP Government has effectively banned the practice across Scotland.

The challenge comes following Tory MP, Laura Farris’, suggestion that she does not wish to see fracking in her own communities but that it would be appropriate in ‘the northern reaches of Scotland.’

Since her appearance on BBC’s Politics Live programme yesterday, Farris’ comments have led to outrage from many across Scotland – including broadcaster Janie Forsyth and film director Jon S Baird.

Aberdeen SNP MSP, Audrey Nicoll, has said that Douglas Ross – as Scottish Tory leader and a representative for the north of Scotland – must denounce the suggestion that any fracking would be appropriate in Scotland given that the SNP Government has the powers to grant licenses and it has made it clear that no fracking will take place.

The SNP MSP has said ‘this is a matter of devolution and Douglas Ross needs to make clear that his party respects the devolved powers of Holyrood.’

Commenting SNP MSP Audrey Nicoll said:

“Once again, the utter lack of respect the Tories have for Scotland and Holyrood is laid bare – and we see why it is essential for Scotland to escape Westminster control and its mismanagement.

“Quite frankly, it is insulting to all of the people across the vast number of communities that encompass the ‘northern reaches of Scotland’ for a Tory MP to suggest that she doesn’t want fracking anywhere near her own communities but it would be acceptable in areas of Scotland – especially when the Scottish Government has banned all fracking.

“It shows how completely expendable the Tories view Scotland.

“This is a matter of respect for devolution and respect for Scotland – something the Tories are showing time after time they do not have for either. 

“Douglas Ross needs to make clear that his party will not allow Westminster to trample over devolution to impose fracking on any communities across Scotland and that there are no plans to do so.”

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