Douglas Ross Encourages Everyone to Say Thank You

Pictured:  Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross, front right, with the other Scottish party leaders.  

After the challenges of the past 15 months, Douglas Ross, Scottish Conservative leader, and local MP, is encouraging everyone to get involved in Thank You Day on Sunday, 4th July. 

Douglas joined party leaders in Scotland to show support for Thank You Day which is being organised by Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland.

Commenting Douglas said: 

“I was pleased to join party leaders here in Scotland to support the Chest, Heart and Stroke campaign to encourage people to take some time and say Thank you this year. 

“They are encouraging people to say Thank You in any way they want, for example by holding your own Tartan Tea Party. 

“Thank You Day gives everyone in Moray and across Scotland the chance to say a heartfelt thanks to the many people in our communities who have done so much to help us through the Covid crisis. 

“From NHS Staff and carers to neighbours, volunteers, family and friends.

“Thank You Day is a chance for us all to pay tribute to these community champions.”

Thank You Day began with a proposal from 13 individuals in Scotland and is now supported by celebrities, religious leaders, sports stars, councils, schools, businesses, and communities across the UK.