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Friday, March 1, 2024

Douglas Ross Mired in Further Expenses Scandal

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Latest revelations leave Scottish Tory Leader (pictured) with detailed explaining to do.

The SNP has called on Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross to give a full explanation following the latest revelations regarding his finances.

Following on from reports in the Herald that Ross failed to declare £30,000 of earnings, the Sunday Mail revealed that he claimed taxpayer-funded parliamentary expenses on the same day he officiated at football matches for which he failed to declare earnings.

This also follows reports that he failed to declare earnings at Holyrood too.

Commenting, SNP MSP Neil Gray aid:

“Douglas Ross apparently ‘forgets’ to declare thousands of pounds he gets from being a linesman – but has no problem remembering to claim parliamentary expenses, even on days he was a linesman.

“If this had been someone on Universal Credit they would have been sanctioned.

“This latest revelation raises some very uncomfortable questions for Mr Ross given his previous failure to declare earnings from matches which have now been exposed as taking place on days when he claimed parliamentary expenses.

“He clearly has some detailed explaining to do – and his abject failure to clear this up a week on from the first revelations about his undeclared earnings just adds to the stench of Tory sleaze.

“The longer this goes on, the weaker his position becomes and the more the Scottish Tories must be wondering how long they can continue to put up with him as leader.”

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