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Douglas Ross Must Make Personal Statement to Parliament

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The SNP has called for Douglas Ross to make a personal statement to the Scottish Parliament about his expenses.

It comes after the Sunday Mail reported that a Tory Party whistleblower had told the newspaper that Douglas Ross had submitted dozens of parliamentary expense claims that related to his paid work as a football referee and had been “hushed up by worried aides”.

According to the Sunday Mail, “his team identified the 28 [claims] where he wrongly used parliamentary-funded travel to facilitate ref work”, including “multiple cases where Ross had combined parliamentary travel with linesman work or claims for parking while refereeing on expenses.”

Commenting, SNP campaign director Stewart Hosie said:

“Douglas Ross must make an urgent statement to the Scottish Parliament about his expenses – and answer questions about these worrying reports.

“It’s bad enough that Mr Ross has three jobs, and threw his own colleague under a bus to take his seat but there are now very serious questions to answer about public money.

“Members of Parliament must be given the opportunity to quiz Mr Ross on whether he has been using taxpayers’ money to cover costs for his third job as a linesman.

“It’s clear many in his own party think he should resign.

“On 4th July, people in Scotland can vote SNP to send Douglas Ross packing, get rid of the Tory government and put Scotland’s interests first.”

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