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Drew Hendry MP Challenges Chancellor Over the Cost of Living Crisis

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In his first appearance as the SNP Spokesperson for the Economy, local MP Drew Hendry highlighted the pressing issues facing struggling households and criticised the UK Government’s inaction during the cost of living crisis.

Over the summer, Hendry teamed up with local charities and stakeholders to collaborate on finding local solutions to help Highland families struggling to make ends meet.

He also spoke directly with residents about the impacts of the cost of living crisis on them, and he said the overwhelming feedback was clear: the rising cost of living was the primary concern for many local households.

As Parliament resumed this week, Mr Hendry said he is “determined to keep the struggles of local families at the top of the agenda in the UK Parliament”. 

In a question to the Chancellor, the SNP MP asked why the UK Government continues to do nothing on food inflation while “countries like France have struck deals with suppliers to cap food prices”.

Hendry also probed the Chancellor on his failure to respond to the continued energy crisis while other governments, such as the Spanish Government, have “taken bold steps to support households and peg it back through reduced VAT and a social tariff to protect the most vulnerable.” 

He also renewed calls for the UK Government to act and respond to SNP calls for a “£400 energy rebate for households”.

Commented on the ongoing impact of the cost of living crisis, Hendry said: 

“The cost of living crisis is more than a pinch – it’s a punch to local families.

“The repercussions are dire, affecting the very health and well-being of our communities.

“We refuse to watch another generation of children forced into poverty by yet another Tory government. 

“Struggling households aren’t just numbers on a page; they live in almost every street across our communities.

“They need action on rising costs and answers on why the UK Government is refusing to act on energy costs.

“My SNP colleagues and I will continue to stand up for people to help them with this cost of the Westminster crisis.”

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