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Drew Hendry MP Welcomes New Funds to Help Newly Self Employed

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Drew Hendry MP (pictured) has welcomed the Scottish Government’s newly announced ‘mobile and home-based close contact services fund’ and the ‘newly self-employed hardship fund’, which are now open for applications.

These funds were announced as part of ongoing efforts to provide support to businesses throughout the pandemic.

The ‘mobile and home-based close contact services fund’ is designed to help owners and operators of mobile and home-based close contact service businesses and registered driving instructors.

Whilst the ‘newly self-employed hardship fund’ offers one-off payments for those whose status as being newly self-employed made them previously ineligible for the UK Government’s Self-employment Income Support Scheme.

Whilst previous criteria have meant that the newly self-employed, and owners or mobile and home-based close contact service businesses were left out from support from the UK Chancellor, these new funds from the Scottish Government aim to fill a much-needed gap.

Commenting, Drew Hendry MP said:

“Times are extremely challenging just now, and people are struggling.

“These new funds will be a lifeline to so many small businesses owners and self-employed people in my constituency, who have not benefited from previous grants.

“I am grateful to my colleagues in the Scottish Government for recognising the need for these additional funds, to help those who have been left out so far.

“I would encourage anyone who is newly self-employed or who owns a mobile or home-based close contact service business to apply for these new funds.

“In the meantime my SNP colleagues and I will continue to urge the Chancellor to put much needed additional support in place to give businesses more help now, and as we progress through the pandemic to recovery.”

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