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Drivers Urged to Keep The Speed Down Over Loose Chippings

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The annual surface dressing of sections within Moray’s road network is taking place over the next four weeks.

Speed restrictions will be signposted where the work is taking place, and motorists are urged to keep their speed below 20mph.

This is for driver’s safety and that of the workforce.

It also minimises damage to the new surface and to vehicles by loose chippings.

Moray Council’s contracts engineer, Paul Barron, said loose chippings can also create the effect of a slippery road if vehicles go too fast.

“The operation involves the distribution of bitumen followed by an application of chippings which are then rolled into the road surface with the minimum of waste,” he said.

“Some surplus chippings do become loose and there is a short period of time before these can be swept away.

“It’s then that flying stone chippings can cause broken windscreens or damaged paintwork on cars, along with the effect of a slippery road.

“These problems can be avoided if drivers keep their speed well down when passing over a newly dressed surface, keep a good distance from the vehicle in front and do not attempt to overtake. 

“Pedestrians should avoid walking on the newly laid dressing, but if they do should also check their footwear before entering homes or vehicles.”

Surface dressing has to be done during the summer months as the process needs warmer road surface temperatures to work properly.

There are miles of rural roads and urban streets in Moray which need to be treated this year to prevent deterioration from wear.

Further information and a map is available at www.moray.gov.uk/sdress or by contacting the Roads Maintenance Section on 0300 1234565.

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