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Emerging Scottish Artist Abigail Pryde has Released Her Debut Single “Lady”

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Growing up with a passion for country music, Abigail went on to tour worldwide as lead singer for traditional folk band Heron Valley.

Whilst performing in various states throughout America, Abigail’s love for country music was reignited and inspired her to start writing her own country inspired material.

A seasoned performer, Abigail has been singing live since high school and as she began touring, often as the only woman in the band, she began to experience first-hand the challenges touring life can present for a female musician, especially when it came to the reception she received compared to her male counterparts.

Abigail wanted her music to encourage young female musicians to have the confidence to chase their dreams and not be phased by the inequality they may experience along the way.

Lady showcases a need to challenge discrimination and give females everywhere, especially within the music industry, the confidence to break down gender stereotypes.

The result of Abigail’s passion for country music and aspiration to empower female musicians is her co-written debut single Lady; an upbeat, contemporary sound accompanied by confident and driving vocals.

Abigail Pryde’s vocals are joined on Lady by Peter Nelson on lead guitar, David Callum MacMillan on drums and Keith Morrison on keys, bass and guitar.

Keith also co-wrote and produced the single at his studio on the Isle of Lewis.

Abigail, who is no stranger to recording in a studio environment, recorded the majority of Lady at Wee Studio on the Isle of Lewis; an influential place that provided her with the escapism to write openly and creatively.

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions and the unpredictable Hebridean weather, some parts of the single had to be recorded on the mainland at Watercolour Studios in the West Highlands and in true 2020 style, some remote recording was done at home.

The unconventional recording route is something that Abigail believes resulted in Lady’s raw and unique sound that may not have been achievable if her original schedule had gone to plan.

Abigail said:

“The single is about empowering women.

“Encouraging them to follow their passions and carve out a life that they can enjoy and be proud of.

“The music video that we created doesn’t have me in it, I wanted it to showcase powerful women who are following their dreams in whatever field their passions and talents lie.

“The ambition behind the single is for it to be inspiring and help others to find the courage and drive to fight for their goals, no matter what those are.

“I have always recorded with my band Heron Valley, who are a traditional folk band, so recording something for myself has been really different.

“Firstly, due to the obvious genre differences but also because I’ve always had the support of five other people to make key choices, so it’s been a big change making decisions by myself on how I want the music to sound.

“I have really enjoyed the process and the musical independence recording the single has given me.”

Originally from rural Argyll, Abigail grew up with music very much at the heart of her family; learning fiddle from a young age whilst also being taught guitar and vocal stylings at home with her father.

She joined Heron Valley in its infancy whilst also studying at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior School.

As well as touring extensively with Heron Valley, Abigail went on to graduate from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where she studied Scots Song and classical violin.

Her unique music style and honest song writing make Abigail an exciting prospect for the Scottish music scene and Lady a much-anticipated release.

The debut single was produced, recorded and engineered by Keith Morrison at Wee Studio on the Isle of Lewis in February 2021.

Lady is available to download and stream now.

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