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End Arms Sales to Israel Immediately

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Stephen Flynn has said Israel’s rejected ceasefire and attack on Rafah requires “decisive and tangible” action from Westminster, including ending arms sales to Israel immediately.

The SNP Westminster leader has said that the UK government is failing the people of Gaza by constantly equivocating.

The SNP previously attempted to table a motion mandating the UK government to immediately end arms sales to Israel – but it was blocked by the House of Commons.

SNP MPs also signed a letter, calling on the Foreign Secretary and Business Secretary to “immediately suspend export licenses for arms transfers to Israel”.

The letter was also signed by 134 MPs and Lords from across the political spectrum.

Commenting, Stephen Flynn MP said: 

“By continuing to supply the very weapons inflicting collective punishment on Palestinian people, Westminster is failing the people of Gaza and is implicit in the deaths of tens of thousands.

“The attack on Rafah by the Israeli government, as well as their rejection of a ceasefire, requires decisive and tangible action from this UK government.

“Right now, the best way to increase diplomatic pressure for peace is to end arms sales to Israel.

“Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer must back ending arms sales to Israel – it’s time for consensus.

“For months, Westminster parties dithered over calling for an immediate ceasefire and now they are doing the same on ending arms sales to Israel.

“The SNP has been clear and consistent – all international efforts need to be made to secure a ceasefire and an important part of that pressure is ending arms sales to Israel immediately.”

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