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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Enjoy Your Trips Out and Care for Shetland’s Wildlife

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Shetland Islands Council has just released a new leaflet which answers some of the most common questions around the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, aimed at both residents and visitors.

The leaflet has links to useful websites and online resources, and gives brief guidance on, for example, how to walk your dog, camp, and enjoy Shetland’s landscape responsibly and without causing upset to the islands’ wildlife, or to local landowners and crofters.

Kevin Serginson is the Council’s Outdoor Access Officer:

“The Scottish Outdoor Access Code has been in existence for over a decade, but it is a rather heavy read.  

“Hopefully this leaflet highlights the most common issues for Shetland, and will help people to better appreciate their rights and responsibilities when they’re out and about.

“The leaflet is available on the Council’s website, will be promoted on our social media channels and, when it’s appropriate to do so, paper copies will be distributed to local information centres and ferry terminals.”

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