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Ex Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown Head in The Sand Over Scandal of Child Poverty

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The SNP has called out former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown for “having his head in the sand over the scandal of child poverty,” saying that the SNP is the only party determined to eradicate it once and for all.

In a piece for the Guardian, Brown criticises 14 years of austerity, Brexit and the energy crisis – saying that policies like the two child benefit cap have pushed almost half of all families across the UK with 3 or more children into poverty.

Meanwhile the party he once led is now endorsing Tory economic orthodoxy, rowing in behind Brexit and has u-turned on their commitment to abolish the two child benefit cap and rape clause.

First Minister John Swinney has however made the eradication of child poverty it’s defining mission, with the SNP – unlike Labour – standing against damaging Westminster policies and taking meaningful action to tackle this scourge on society.

Commenting, SNP Collette Stevenson said:

“There is widespread agreement across Scotland that one child living in poverty is too many, but the dishonesty of senior Labour Party figures is deeply disappointing.

“Children are suffering as a result of disastrous Tory policies like austerity, Brexit and economic chaos, and yet the Labour Party supports these and has pledged to continue down the road of economic harm and suffering.

“By sticking to Tory economic orthodoxy and cruel policies like the two child benefit cap and rape clause, Labour are accepting the suffering these measures are causing and empty words from Gordon Brown won’t change that.

“While Westminster is failing children and families across Scotland, the SNP government’s top priority is the eradication of child poverty – and with game-changing policies like the Scottish Child Payment we are lifting 100,000 children out of poverty.

“Only the SNP are offering a better and brighter future for Scotland’s children, and as long as we remain part of broken Brexit Britain we will do everything we can to mitigate the damage of horrendous Westminster policies.”

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