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Exhibition of Creative Early Design Concepts for Dallas Dhu Housing Mix

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Moray Council is hosting a drop-in exhibition event in Forres Town Hall on 29 June from 3pm-7pm to showcase design concepts and invite innovative ideas for the new Dallas Dhu housing development near Forres.

Anyone with an interest in the early design concepts for the development of 24 homes and 20 self-build plots are welcome to head along and give their views.

The Dallas Dhu phase of the £7.5m Housing Mix Delivery project, funded by Moray Council and the Scottish Government and part of Moray’s Growth Deal, is well under way with the design team, Fraser/Livingstone Architects, appointed earlier this year.

The project overall will also see accessible and affordable homes in a number of sites across Moray.

The Scottish Government is investing £5m while Moray Council complete the total with £2.5m.

The Dallas Dhu phase of the project is a partnership between Moray Council, Altyre Estate, Grampian Housing Association and the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI).

The vision is to deliver a new low-carbon, sustainable community with multi-functional outdoor space to encourage physical activity and food growing.

The project team is also keen to meet businesses from the local supply chain with suggestions on utilising local materials and skills.

A follow-up event later in the year will present more detailed design work displaying how the comments given on 29 June have influenced the final design.

Chair of Moray Council’s Economic Development and Infrastructure Services Committee, Cllr Marc Macrae, said:

“This is the perfect opportunity for interested parties to have their say and put their creative stamp on the design at Dallas Dhu.

“The opportunity for architects and designers, experienced craftspeople and anyone looking for innovative, self-build options locally is one not to be missed.

“We’re seeing amazingly creative examples of modular homes made from repurposed shipping containers, tiny homes, clusters of co-housing.

“There’s a real chance here to be bold and imaginative when it comes to delivering sustainable housing and I look forward to seeing those ideas influence the final design.”

Robin Livingstone from Fraser/Livingstone commented:

“We’re excited to engage with the community to hear their ideas for the emerging proposals at Dallas Dhu in Forres.

“We’re keen to understand the qualities of the existing site and surroundings and what we can incorporate that would help to create a rich new mixed design neighbourhood that forms a sensitive and appropriate edge to the beautiful rural setting.

“At the event we will be exploring themes that include the creation of new routes and existing connections for pedestrians and cyclists, access to new shared amenity space, the protection of existing biodiversity, and ideas for sustainable, natural materials for the new homes and the wider public realm and landscaping.”

Janette Hughes, Director of Planning & Performance, Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre, said:

“Communities around the world recognise the importance of improving neighbourhoods to make them more vibrant, interconnected, and conducive to better health.

“They need to be adaptable and flexible to meet the changing needs of residents.

“The Housing Mix Project provides a chance for important decision-makers to revisit the idea of wellness and find ways to incorporate it into new housing developments.

“By collaborating and working together, they can bring health and care services closer to people’s homes.

“The DHI Rural Centre of Excellence (RCE) is enthusiastic about seizing this opportunity and making Moray a shining example of this initiative!”

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