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Experts Reveal Why Scots Sex Drive Spikes in The Heat 

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New advice from sex and intimacy experts has revealed why Scotland’s couples may be feeling more amorous in the summer sun – and how they can make the most of it. 

Nationwide search data analysed by Nature & Bloom found that the number of couples seeking advice on how to revive their sex life dropped by a fifth (21%) in June compared to the first half of the year, as the warm weather seemingly spices things up. 

According to experts – despite the downsides of dealing with high temps – many people find themselves feeling friskier in the summer, as the sun promotes extra release of serotonin and dopamine; the ‘feel good’ chemicals related to pleasure, blood flow and energy. 

Scots also get a boost of vitamin D when spending time in the sun, which the National Institutes of Health say is needed for erectile function – and improving sexual satisfaction. 

Add to this that your partner is likely perspiring more and therefore releasing pheromones that play a part in sexual attraction, and wearing less clothing to combat the heat, and it’s no surprise that couples need significantly less help getting it on in the summer. 

However, research also suggests that some will still struggle making the most of their boosted libidos, as the average couple has sex just 47 times a year – less than once a week. 

This is a notable drop from 2021/22, when the average couple got down and dirty 58 times a year, and even lower than 2020, when this was as high as 68 times – or 1.3 times a week. 

One likely reason for a slumped sex life is stress, as a recent survey conducted by the Mental Health Foundation found that 3 in 4 (74%) of people feel so stressed that they’ve been overwhelmed or unable to cope – meaning sex is definitely on the backburner. 

Stress affects our mood, body and relationships, as it can make us too anxious to feel relaxed around our partner, and can even lower our self esteem. 

However, Holly Robinson, Intimacy Specialist, offers a solution for those open to trying aphrodisiacs to save their sex life, as she says:

“You’ll never have a satisfying or intimate sex life if your day-to-day life is plagued by stress, chasing goals and anxiety. 

“I’ve found that CBD has a profound impact on how people let go of stress and can help to minimise nerves, as it supports relaxation.

“This is especially important for people who feel very tense in their work environment, as they often end up feeling disconnected from their bodies as they’re focusing on staying afloat mentally. 

“This makes experiencing physical pleasure more difficult, leaving many – especially women resigned – to never climaxing during sex.

“Aphrodisiacs, like CBD, can help reduce these mood-killing thoughts by allowing you to just focus on what feels good in the moment, rather than worrying about chasing an unachievable orgasm.”

For Holly, those who see sex as another task to perform are less likely to initiate or be enthusiastic about getting intimate with their partner, as it becomes an opportunity to fail or feel inadequate – which they deal with enough during day-to-day life. 

She says:

“If ego and insecurities are hindering your sex life, using CBD can result in more intimate, vulnerable and enjoyable sex, as it can help suppress intrusive thoughts.” 

Bat Sheva Marcus, Sex Therapist, also supports the use of aphrodisiacs, as it can help improve long-term sexual appetite:

“I’ve had a significant number of women report feeling more aroused with the use of things like CBD, as well as achieving intense orgasms much easier and generally ‘feeling sexier’ day to day.

“This obviously enhances their experience and makes them more eager to have sex again.

“And whilst this isn’t the case for every woman – as everybody’s different – it may help overcome a loss in libido that otherwise would have a long-term impact on intimacy.”

This will be good news for many, as the search analysis also found that ‘aphrodisiacs’ were by far the most searched-for term from couples looking to improve their sex life. 

Speaking on the findings, a Nature & Bloom spokesperson said:

“The use of aphrodisiacs and mood-boosters like CBD has risen in recent years, as it’s helped couples enhance their sex life, increase their drive and prolong sexual function on a short and long-term basis. 

“However, many may still be reluctant to bring products like that into the bedroom, both due to the (deflating) taboo around cannabinoids and the implication that an issue can’t be resolved without ‘help’.

“Shedding light on the benefits of aphrodisiacs is important to make sure that couples feel comfortable prioritising being intimate, passionate, and connected.”

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