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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Facilities to Stream Funerals at Inverness Crematorium

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Preparations are underway at Inverness Crematorium for staff to offer web streaming as part of a funeral service to anyone who wishes it.

Chair of The Highland Council’s Communities and Place Committee, Cllr Allan Henderson (pictured) said:

“We understand the difficulty that ongoing restrictions to funeral services due to the pandemic are having on those who are bereaved and our thoughts go to families and friends who have lost loved ones during this difficult time. 

“However, I am pleased to announce that our Bereavement Services Manager and the team at Inverness Crematorium are in the process of installing and testing the necessary equipment today.

“It is expected that the option to have services streamed can be offered by the end of this week on a trial basis. 

“We hope families and friends grieving for loved ones will find having this option helpful while the Covid-19 restrictions on numbers able to attend funeral services in person are still in place.”

The Council has confirmed that initially this service will be free of charge.

People can find out more about the Scottish Government guidance for funerals by clicking here.

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