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Fall in Births in 3rd Quarter of 2023

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The number of births registered in Scotland in the third quarter of this year was down against the five year average for this time of year, according to figures published today by National Records of Scotland. 

There were 11,897 births recorded between 1 July and 30 September compared to 12,862 which is the average for this quarter. 

The information in the Births, deaths and other vital events Quarter 3 report also includes figures for deaths and marriages.

The number of deaths is 1.7% up on the five year average at 14,136 while the number of marriages is similar to the recent average.

Phillipa Haxton, Head of Vital Events Statistics at NRS, said:

“The falling number of births is part of a long term trend we have seen in Scotland with people having smaller families.

“While the number of deaths has risen the rate has fallen by 4% against the five year average.

“This rate takes into account the growing and ageing population and is therefore the best indicator of the direction of the mortality trend.

“There were increases in deaths from cancer and respiratory disease but a fall in those from coronary heart disease and Alzheimer’s and other dementias.”

Among the 10,410 marriages there were 426 between same sex couples, compared with the five year average of 361.

Since June 2021 mixed-sex couples have been able to form a civil partnership.

Of the 224 civil partnerships registered in the third quarter of 2023, 190 involved mixed-sex couples.

There were 34 same-sex civil partnerships, compared with a five-year average of 24.

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