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Families Are Significantly Better Off Under SNP in Scotland

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MSP Kaukab Stewart has welcomed a new report which highlights the positive impact SNP policies are having on families across Scotland.

The report, commissioned by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, analysed the impact of policies including child payments, free school meals, clothing grants and free bus travel on the cost of bringing up a child.

Professor Donald Hirsh, author of the report, has said that it shows ‘in Scotland, families are significantly better off in…as a result of Scottish Government policies’.

Professor Hirsh said ‘it is encouraging to see policies at the Scottish level that make a substantial difference for families.’

Commenting SNP MSP Kaukab Stewart said:

“It is encouraging to see clear evidence that SNP policies are reducing the financial challenges facing families right now.

“From expanding free, high-quality childcare to protecting family incomes by being the only part of the UK to have the Scottish Child Payment – one of five family benefits, the SNP in Government is supporting families across Scotland where we can.

“Unfortunately, the damaging impact of Westminster control means the efforts of the Scottish Government are diminished by toxic Tory cuts and a spiralling Tory cost of living crisis which the UK Government is not addressing in any meaningful way.

“Every day we are seeing that the only way to deliver a fairer future is for Scotland to become an independent country.“

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