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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Families Face a Year of Pain as Bills Soar Thanks to Tory Failure

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The SNP has warned “millions of families face yet another year of financial pain due to Westminster failure” – as households receive soaring bills this week, ahead of 1st April.

With inflation at 10.4%, and interest rates at a fourteen-year high of 4.25%, soaring household bills will land on people’s doormats this week ahead of the new financial year.

With UK poverty rates rising, the SNP has called for emergency UK government help to cut energy bills, boost incomes and support those falling into debt and arrears.

It comes as UK families are set to pay hundreds of pounds more in 2023/24, as a result of Tory government failure, with:

  • Millions of families facing inflation-busting household bills from 1st April– including pay-monthly mobile phone contracts and home broadband bills.
  • Households paying £67 more a month for energy bills from 1st April – after the UK government scrapped the EBSS rebate, and with bills double that of 2021.
  • Mortgage holders paying hundreds of pounds more in interest – with more than a million homeowners with variable rate mortgages paying hundreds more.
  • The average council tax exceeding £2,000 for the first time in England – as rising UK inflation forces local authorities to increase bills across the UK.
  • Other day-to-day costs rising at record rates – as UK inflation and Brexit increase the cost of food, clothes, public transport and water bills.

At the same time, Department for Work and Pensions figures this week revealed poverty has risen in the UK – with the number of people in relative low income increasing by 1 million, from 13.4million in March 2021 to 14.4 million in March 2022. Separately, the OBR has warned households face the biggest fall in living standards since records began, with Real Household Disposable Income expected to fall by 6% between 2022/23 and 2023/24.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn MP said:

“Millions of families face yet another year of financial pain due to Westminster failure – as soaring household bills land on doormats and the Tory cost of living crisis gets even worse.

“The Tory government abandoned families at the UK Budget.

“They must now go back to the drawing board – and bring forward an emergency package of support to cut people’s bills, boost incomes and help those falling into unsustainable levels of debt and arrears.

“With UK poverty rising, it beggars belief that the Tories and Tory-lite Labour Party are refusing to back help for families.

“In contrast, the SNP has called for the UK government to cut energy bills by £500, reinstate the £67 rebate, introduce a Real Living Wage, and increase public sector pay and universal credit to ensure people have a decent income.

“Whoever wins the SNP leadership contest tomorrow, the Scottish Government will continue to deliver progressive policies to support households, including the Scottish Child Payment and stronger public sector pay deals – but it’s vital the UK government finally steps up to the plate too.

“People in Scotland want real change – and with none on offer at Westminster, it’s vital Scotland becomes an independent country to build a strong, fair and prosperous future.”

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