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Farmers Asked to Contribute to Nationwide Survey to Help Benchmark The Policy Decisions of The Future

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Farmers around Scotland’s west coast are being asked to contribute to a nationwide survey which could help them with their farms’ financial performance as well as help define the Scottish Government’s agricultural policy decisions.

The Scottish Farm Business Survey (SFBS) has been running since the 1930’s and is widely recognised as the most authoritative annual financial analysis of farm businesses across the country.

SAC Consulting, which is part of Scotland Rural College (SRUC), is again leading the survey development on behalf of the Scottish Government.

This work is a key data source for important national statistical information that informs policy making decision.

The survey has a value for everyone involved in Scottish agriculture.

Principal Consultant at SAC Consulting, Sascha Grierson, said:

“If farmers take part in the survey – which is entirely voluntary and confidential – they will strengthen the existing pool of some 400 farms.

“They will be allocated a Farm Business Analysist who will ensure that the data collected is correct and entered in time.

“This year we are particularly interested in hearing from sheep farms and small livestock farms.

“The information we gather from the survey is hugely important to everyone operating in the sector as the political and economic circumstances for farmers across the country is changing significantly year on year.”

Farmers taking part in the survey will get:

  • The Farm Business Report:   This set of detailed management accounts will help farmers truly understand their business finances and allow them to track performance for up to three years.
  • Whole Farm Benchmarks: A business planning tool that allows farmers to compare their business with other similar businesses and to track progress year on year.
  • A whole farm carbon audit: This will help farmers better understand their business in the round and will also help with grant applications.

“In return for confidential access to their annual accounts and no more than two hours of their time, participation in the survey will provide farmers with invaluable insights into their business finances and support Scottish agricultural policy decision making to reflect the way in which the sector is changing across the country,” added Sascha Grierson.

Farmers who wish to participate in this year’s survey are asked to contact Sascha Grierson, on Sascha.grierson@sac.co.uk.  

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