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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Feedback Sought on New Shetland Islands Council Website

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Shetland Islands Council is giving the public a sneak preview of its new website.

A small-scale test is now live, click here to see new website.

Feedback is sought on its design and functionality.

The new site will be much more interactive across a wider range of devices, and will also help the Council meet new accessibility guidelines which now apply to all public service websites. 

The existing site will be kept up to date until later in the year, when a full switch-over will take place.

 Susan Msalila is the Council’s Executive Manager of ICT:

“We’re very pleased to be able to let people get an idea of what the new website will look and feel like. 

“This ‘beta site’ is a cut-down version, and doesn’t cover the whole range of Council services at the moment, but it will allow customers to see for themselves how well they can access our services using their phone or tablet. 

“We’re keen to hear folks’ views on how it works for them.” 

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