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Festive Crafts Raise Money and Awareness for Local Causes

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Students from the Life and Work Skills programme at UHI North, West and Hebrides, Thurso campus demonstrated their commitment to community and environmental causes by donating £200 to the Dunnet Forestry Trust.

The funds were raised during their annual Christmas craft fayre last week, where the students showcased their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit raising a grand total of £495.55.

The Christmas craft fayre served as a dual-purpose platform for the students allowing them to exhibit their handmade gifts and crafts whilst also raising awareness about the important work carried out by the Dunnet Forestry Trust.

Denise Brown, Life and Work Skills lecturer said:

“We wanted to do a project on the local environment, but on a very small, local level.

“During our research, we came across the ‘Great Yellow Bumblebee’ and ‘The Small Blue Butterfly,’ both endangered species habitually found in Caithness.”

Welcoming representatives from both organizations to speak to the students, the students realised a unique opportunity to collaborate and support various local projects, including ‘The Great Yellow Bumblebees,’ ‘The Small Blue Butterfly,’ ‘Dunnett Community Forest,’ and ‘Socially Growing.’

During a recent insightful session on the ‘Small Blue Task Force’ initiative, the students welcomed Louise Senior, People Engagement Officer at Species on the Edge, North Coast.

In this session, the students committed to supporting the Dunnet Forest Trust’s efforts, particularly in the planting of kidney vetch to provide essential caterpillar food for the small blue butterfly.

Jane MacIntosh, Curriculum Lead said:

“The Life and Work Skills course at UHI North, West and Hebrides, Thurso allows students to develop a broad range of practical skills, including cookery, computing, communications, and vocational skills, alongside personal and social development.

“As part of their academic journey, students are equipped not only with essential life skills but also a strong sense of community responsibility.”

The funds raised from the Christmas Craft Fayre have been dedicated to supporting the Dunnet Forestry Commission’s initiatives, and the remainder earmarked for funding a student experience trip.

Garance Warburton, Forest Development Officer at the Dunnet Forestry Trust visited the Thurso campus to receive the cheque from Senior Phase pupils, Erland Taylor, Dakota Hamilton, and Elle Boulton.  

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