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Food Prices Still at Sky High Levels as Brexit Bites

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The cost of food and other essentials is still at sky-high levels as inflation remains at one of its highest levels in 40 years, according to new statistics.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that inflation remains at a near 40-year high of 10.5% in the year to December.

The ONS also found that food prices increased by 16.8% for the year to December with items like milk, cheese and eggs seeing the biggest increases.

Commenting, the SNP’s Economy spokesperson Stewart Hosie said:

“Rising food bills and other costs skyrocketing are as a result of the economic incompetence of the Tories.

“Scotland needs to escape the disastrous decision-making of Westminster time and time again and become and independent country.

“The Tories are not fooling anyone when they blame Covid or the war in Ukraine on inflation.

“The UK is set to have the slowest growth in the G20, with the exception of Russia.

“It is purely the aftermath of Tory incompetence and their disastrous Brexit that is squeezing household budgets.

“Pro-Brexit Labour offer no hope of an alternative either as they would keep Scotland outside the EU, which would continue to keep prices high and heavily impact the economy’s ability to grow.

“Already, the SNP Scottish Government has spent millions on mitigating the Tory-made cost of living crisis.

“Plus, support like the Scottish Child Payment is giving households extra cash in their pocket when they need it most.

“However, the Scottish Government continues to act with one hand tied behind its back by a UK government that has trashed the economy and is taking Scotland along for the ride.

“That is why Scotland needs to forge its own path as an independent country and away from the chaos of Westminster.”

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