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Former Labour Official Says Party Have Betrayed Devolution

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The SNP has called on Anas Sarwar to “stand up to his London bosses” and demand employment law be devolved to Holyrood – after a former top Labour official accused the party of “betraying” devolution.

Former Scottish Labour Secretary, Michael Sharpe, said Angela Rayner’s decision to rule out devolving employment law was a “huge blow” to devolution, and that it was a “slap in face to the trade unions who have campaigned for this for many years”.

Mr Sharpe said:

“This is a betrayal of the ‘party of devolution’ and a slap in the face to the trade unions who have campaigned for this for many years.

“It is also a missed opportunity to improve the lives of working people in Scotland – none more so than the 109,000 on zero hours contracts.”

The call echoes General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Coalition, Roz Foyer, who said earlier this year:

“Now more than ever, Scotland needs the devolution of employment law to outlaw, once and for all, the use of zero hours contracts, giving workers security, certainty and workplace rights from day one of their employment.”

Commenting, David Linden MP said:

“This latest intervention from a former senior Labour official shows how out of touch the pro-Brexit Labour party are with people in Scotland.

“It’s time for Anas Sarwar to stand up to his London bosses and demand that employment law is devolved to Holyrood on day one of a future Labour UK government.

“Keir Starmer’s party was a movement grown out of trade unions, with the purpose of supporting workers’ rights.

“However, his party have moved so far to the right, they are content to leave Scottish workers’ rights in the hand of a right-wing, draconian Westminster government.

“At the next election, a vote for the SNP is a vote to reject cruel Westminster policies, tackle the cost of living crisis, and deliver a strong team of MPs who only answer to their constituents and Scotland – not Westminster.”

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