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Free Bus Travel for Moray’s Young People From January 2022

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Richard Lochhead (pictured) has welcomed the Scottish Government’s plans to introduce the new Young Persons Free Bus Scheme from the end of January next year.

The scheme will allow young people under 22 across Scotland to access free bus travel through the National Entitlement Card.

Mr Lochhead has welcomed the scheme describing the introduction of free bus travel as a real boost for young people in Moray.

Commenting Moray’s SNP MSP said:

“The pandemic has been particularly tough for young people, disrupting education, training and employment, as well as putting a stop to many key rites of passage that make being young special.

“There’s no doubt that young people in Moray and across Scotland have made big sacrifices to keep their communities safe at a time when there’s been so much at stake for their own futures.

“That’s why the SNP Government has committed to a raft of measures, including free bus travel for under 22s, to support young people as we recover from the pandemic.

“There’s no doubt that the young person’s free travel scheme, set to open in January, will be a real boost to many in Moray by opening doors to training and work opportunities.

“Free travel will also be a boost to their wellbeing, making it easier for young people to spend time socially with friends – something that they’ve really missed out on over the last year.”

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