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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Furlough Extended and Extra Billion for Scotland

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Rishi Sunak (pictured) has announced that the furlough scheme will be extended into Spring 2021 and an extra £1 billion will be delivered to Scotland.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross welcomed the “massive financial backing” that will see the UK Government guarantee an extra £1 billion for Scotland to fight the pandemic.

Douglas Ross added that Rishi Sunak has “gone above and beyond” with the extension of the furlough scheme to pay 80 per cent of workers’ wages until the end of March.

In his statement, Rishi Sunak said:

“The furlough scheme was designed and delivered by the Government of the United Kingdom on behalf of all the people of the United Kingdom – wherever they live.

“It is a demonstration of the strength of the Union – and an undeniable truth of this crisis – we have only been able to provide this level of economic support because we are a United Kingdom.”

On Monday, under questioning from Douglas Ross, the Prime Minister confirmed that furlough would be available if another lockdown was necessary.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said:

“Scottish Conservative pressure has delivered.

“All week, we’ve made the case that Scottish jobs had to be protected at all costs.

“We’ve worked constructively with the UK Government and pushed them for answers where necessary. 

“Rishi Sunak has now gone above and beyond. He has blown the SNP’s grievances out of the water with an extra billion pounds for Scotland, and shown again that the UK Government will do whatever it takes to support jobs throughout this pandemic.

“This massive financial backing to protect Scottish jobs is only possible as part of the United Kingdom.”

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