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Gender Recognition Reform

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Important week for equality and democracy

This will be an important week for equality and democracy in Scotland, says Scottish Green MSP Maggie Chapman.

Ms Chapman was speaking ahead of a three day court hearing, starting today, about the UK government’s decision to use a Section 35 Order to block the Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) that the Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly voted for.

Ms Chapman said:

“This is an important week for Scottish equality and democracy.

“When our Parliament overwhelmingly voted for gender reform there were trans people across our country celebrating.

“After years of debate, it had finally been passed.

“Now they will be watching anxiously as a Court discusses their rights.

“Gender Recognition Reform was passed by a significant majority of our Parliament, including MSPs from all parties.

“It was a small change, but a proud day for Scotland that helped bring us closer to international good practice.

“Our trans siblings have waited far too long for rights that many of us take for granted.

“My heart and my solidarity goes out to them.

“Everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be recognised as the person they are.

“GRR has always been a simple step towards doing that. 

“Yet UK government Ministers and others have knowingly scapegoated, demonised and ridiculed a small and vulnerable minority as part of a shameful and cynical culture war.

“It is shocking that we have been put in this position.

“If the Section 35 Order is allowed to stand it will set a terrible precedent for human rights and devolution. 

“If the UK Government succeeds in overriding the decisions of our Parliament then we can be sure it won’t be the last time they try it.”

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