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Green Light for Use of Common Good Land for Nairn Harbour Active Travel Footpath Link  

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Nairnshire Area Committee members, who met on 7 August, were presented with a report seeking approval for the development of an Active Travel Footpath Link at Nairn Harbour upon Common Good Land.

The use of the Common Good Land was agreed by Committee members and the Footpath Link will be developed to follow the coastline, located on land between the West Beach promenade footpath (from a point West of the Sundancer Restaurant) to Nairn Harbour and Pier.

Primarily, the footpath aims to provide improved access to Nairn Harbour and Pier by walking, wheeling, cycling and to anyone with a mobility aid.

The proposal was originally put forward by The Nairn Access Panel, which has secured part funding for “Paths for All”, while the Highland Council Active Travel Team are providing a supporting role to the project and additional funding through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Nairnshire Area Committee Chair, Cllr Michael Green, said: 

“My Ward colleagues and I were delighted to be able to support the development of another worthwhile project from The Nairn Access Panel. 

“Relations between Nairnshire members and the Panel have proved to be positive and collaborative over the last 12 months and the Active Travel Footpath Link at Nairn Harbour follows on from the successful construction of the Access Platform at Links Beach back in March 2023.”

He continued: 

“This new Active Travel Footpath Link at Nairn Harbour will serve to make this popular area more accessible and inclusive, catering for walking, wheeling, cycling and to anyone with a mobility aid. 

“My hope is that its development enables more locals and visitors to enjoy the benefits of this special part of Nairn.”

The area of development land is public access amenity land and will continue to be so after the footpath has been developed.

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