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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Green MSP Secures Prioritisation of Community-Led Housing

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Speaking in Holyrood, Scottish Greens MSP Ariane Burgess called on the Scottish Government for a clear commitment on funding for community housing trusts to deliver their rural home building plans.

Ariane said:

“Community housing trusts play a vital role in making sure that affordable housing is delivered in some of our most remote rural areas, where the addition or return to use of only a small number of homes can make the difference to whether a school or shop stays open or closes.

“That is why the agreement between Green MSPs and the Scottish Government attaches such importance to securing their funding.“

Answering in Chamber, Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Local Government and Housing, confirmed that the government had made significant progress on delivering this commitment.

The Cabinet Secretary also recognised the vital support these organisations are continuing to provide in rural and island areas to ensure the delivery of the right homes in the right places that will meet the needs of communities.

Ariane added:

“I was delighted to hear the Cabinet Secretary confirm this vital funding is now a priority strand of the Remote, Rural & Island Housing Action Plan and will continue to press for this funding to be released as soon as possible to enable rural housing enablers like the Communities Housing Trust to support communities to build affordable rural homes, so families and young people can remain in our rural communities.”

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