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Have Your Say on The Future of Whin Park, Inverness  

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Highland Council is keen to hear from the public on what they think the future of Inverness’s Whin Park might look like.

The local authority is launching a public engagement survey to ask people for their ideas as the Council plans the future of Inverness’s most popular park.

The Council is aware that many of the play features at the park are approaching the end of their life and some, which are not deemed safe for use, have already been removed.

Therefore, the Council is keen to use this opportunity to ask the public for their views on the future of Whin Park in the Bught area of the city.

Highland Council would like to hear from families and others who use the park on a regular basis and have created a new questionnaire which they are asking the public to engage with.

City of Inverness and Area Leader, Cllr Ian Brown, said:

“Whin Park is a well-established, well-used, and much-loved park in Inverness.

“Therefore it is crucial to ensure it is fit for purpose for future generations to enjoy.

“The Council is urging people who use the park to air their views on how they see the future of Whin Park, what they’d like to see and where improvements could be made.”

He added:

“The Council is looking to take forward major improvements to the park which will be not only sustainable but inclusive for all.

“Your views will be crucial in determining the future of Whin Park and we hope you will feel very much a part of creating a new and improved Whin Park that can be enjoyed by all who visit.”

Cllr Brown also highlighted the importance of outdoor play, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic and the harms that caused for many people, particularly during periods of lockdown when socialising and play was challenging.

He said:

“The mental health and wellbeing benefits of socialising, outdoor play and being active are well-documented and the upgrade of Whin Park will play a major role in providing a space to do just that, for locals and visitors alike.”

The Council says that for any improvements to take place at Whin Park it is important that ideas are informed by those who use the park or have used it in the past.

The local authority also points out that it can’t promise “everything,” and options would need to be properly costed, but the public’s views will be crucial.

The questionnaire should take only five minutes to complete and will be open until 17 April 2023.

Visit www.bit.ly/whinparkquestionnaire  to access the questionnaire.

If you need the questionnaire in another format you can email whinpark@highland.gov.uk

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