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Highland Cinema Fans Festive Chance to Raise Funds for The Homeless

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Christmas cinemagoers in the Highlands get the chance to enjoy a new heart-warming animated short film this month and raise funds for the homeless. 

The film is showing in cinemas all over Scotland showing Scottish author Angela Proctor’s festive story Arthur’s Christmas Tale

Angela, who writes under the name AH Proctor, initially crafted the story as a poem highlighting kindness and homelessness for schoolchildren doing a charity sleep-in.  

The tale of a brave little dog defying a Scrooge-like misery guts who despises Christmas was so successful that she has now transformed it into a short film, Arthur’s Christmas Tale, to raise funds for Shelter Scotland. 

The animation features a little pug, Arthur, who encounters cold-hearted Jack Frost as he watches over his homeless master, James, sleeping on cardboard in the snow.  

The little dog wins over the icy, stranger with an act of kindness demonstrating the true spirit of Christmas. 

“I love Christmas, I’m a big kid at heart, although I’m not really interested in presents,” says Angela, also a successful businesswoman, mentor and mother.  

“It’s family time I love and togetherness and spending time with loved ones is what is reflected in Arthur’s Christmas Tale.

“The little dog is happy because he’s with James whom he loves unconditionally.

“He feels sorry for Jack Frost because he’s all alone, so sorry in fact that he gives him the only possession he has in the whole world – a shiny white bone, so that Jack doesn’t feel so alone anymore. 

“It’s a poignant message and I’m hoping it will resonate with cinemagoers, where it is being shown during trailers throughout December, and help raise much-needed funds for Shelter Scotland.” 

Sharryn McKelvie, Shelter Scotland Senior Community Fundraising Area Manager said: 

“This is a fantastic initiative by Angela at a time of year that can be full of despair for those without a home.  

“We hope that those lucky enough to enjoy quality time in the warmth of a cinema will think about others less fortunate and donate what they can to help make sure no one has to fight the threat of homelessness alone.

“Shelter Scotland exists to defend the right to a safe home and fight the devastating impact the housing emergency has on people and society.

“Shelter Scotland believes that home is everything. 

“As of 31 March 2023, there were 15,039 households in temporary accommodation, 9,595 of them children, the highest number recorded. 

“Between April 2022 and March 2023, another 32,242 households became homeless – the equivalent of a household losing their home every 16 minutes.” 

Angela, from the East End of Glasgow, who is best known for her Thumble Tumble series of stories for children, was determined to support art in Scotland by ensuring that all those involved in creating the film came from small, aspiring Scottish companies.  

She worked with Glasgow-based independent animation studio Clubhouse Animations and StrangeWorx Productions. 

Arthur’s Christmas Tale is being shown in independent cinemas from Inverness to Dumfries throughout this month.

Visitors will be able to donate via the Shelter Scotland Giving Page or by donating cash to collection buckets at cinemas across Scotland.  

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