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Highland Council to Consult on Common Good Property List for Thurso  

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The Highland Council is today, 15 February 2023, launching a consultation giving the community until 12 May 2023 to comment on the proposed contents of the Common Good Fund Asset Register for Thurso.

The Highland Council does not currently hold a Common Good Fund for the former Burgh of Thurso.

However, a full and detailed investigation has been undertaken and a list of potential Common Good property in Thurso has been developed.

Section 102 Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 states that before establishing a Common Good Asset Register the Council must first conduct a public consultation on a list of property (buildings, land, artwork, regalia and funds) it is proposing to include.

The statutory consultation will run for a period of 12 weeks.

The Council is keen to involve the community in this process to ensure that all Thurso Common Good property is identified and included.

The Community Council and community bodies will be notified and invited to make representations.

However, the list will be widely publicised and available for public representations to be made.

The Council must investigate and respond to any representations received.

Representations, responses and any final decision will be published on the Council website.

Local authorities must also have in place a process for regular review of the Asset Register once published.

The list of property proposed to be included in the Common Good Asset Register for Thurso is as follows:

  • Sir John’s Square (formerly MacDonald Square)
  • The Mall including The Mall shelter.
  • The Glebe (part only) – including caravan park, Gillock Park and Victoria Walk shelter
  • Sir George’s Park – including Sir George’s Park Pavilion & Sir George’s Park Old Pavilion
  • Thurso Burgh Chambers and car park
  • Amenity land at George Crescent
  • Thurso Town Hall
  • Thurso Golf Club

Full details including site descriptions are available here 

Further information on the process required to establish and review the Common Good Asset Register can be found on the Council website 

Please submit written responses either by email to common.good@highland.gov.uk or by post to Sara Murdoch, The Highland Council HQ, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness, IV3 5NX.

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