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Highland MP Meets OFGEM Chiefs Over Energy Market Crisis

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Key Points:  

  • Local MP, Drew Hendry, met with Ofgem directors Neil Lawrence and Rohan Churm.
  • The directors oversee, automatic credit balance refunds, fair Direct Debit amounts, fair prices and other matters pertaining to the consumer side of the energy market in the UK. 
  • Drew Hendry MP has been leading the It’s Your Money campaign this year, which has backing from within all parties and within the UK Government. He has been calling for energy suppliers to make the process of returning large credit balances automatic, as well as tighter controls on how Direct Debits are calculated. 
  • Ofgem indicated their keenness to work with Mr Hendry on these issues, as well as other matters such as the smart meter rollout and, to that end, further talks are due to be held in the coming weeks.

Comments by Drew Hendry MP: 

“People and families in the Highlands have had a really tough couple of winters when it comes to paying their energy bills, and the UK Government, who are responsible for energy, hasn’t provided anything like enough meaningful support to help them.

“The last thing folk need, on top of this, is their energy suppliers making life even more difficult for them.

“This has been one of the biggest cost of living issues that people have reached out to me about looking for help.

“Whether it’s companies ignoring the rules and making it difficult or outright refusing to return the customer’s own money to them, whilst unjustifiably hiking their direct debit payments – or installing Smart Meters that often don’t work upon them, energy suppliers need to get a grip on their own practices and that requires adequate enforcement from Ofgem.

“After months of campaigning, I was pleased to hear that there is now some agreement from Ofgem on these matters and that the wheels are beginning to turn in the right direction.

“We’re enjoying some fabulous weather at the moment but it will soon be winter again and the costs will inevitably rise.

“Action must happen apace, and I’m committed to continuing to ensure that’s the case.” 

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