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Highlands and Islands Students Association Awarded for Sustainability

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The Highlands and Islands Students’ Association has achieved an Excellent Green Impact Students’ Union award for demonstrating leadership on embedding sustainability and social justice in partnership with the University of the Highlands and Islands.

The Excellent rating was awarded as a result of HISA’s ongoing sustainable approach to their work, including hosting a climate and sustainability themed conference, the establishment of an environment and sustainability group and the development of cycling initiatives to encourage students to rethink their use of transport across the university.

HISA increased their score by 2 levels and 116 points compared to last year when they received a ‘Good’ rating.

The four levels of awards are:

Working towards accreditation (under 100 points)

Good (100-249 points)

Very Good (250-299 points)

Excellent (300-400 points)

The Green Impact Students’ Unions awards are an opportunity to recognise the commitment Students’ Associations and Unions have made to build impactful sustainability projects and campaigns, and how the student movement is leading work towards a more just and sustainable future.

Commenting on the award, HISA Vice President Higher Education, Jack Shehata (pictured), said:

“I am so happy to see that HISA has been recognised for our efforts in becoming a more sustainable organisation.

“As a Students’ Association, we have a big role to play and an even bigger responsibility to protect the future of our environment and students, and so much of that comes down to our work on eco-friendly practices.

“Moving forward, we see our commitment to sustainability as a huge priority and we will work even harder this year to increase our efforts in creating environmentally friendly campuses in conjunction with the university.”

Dr Iain Morrison, University of the Highlands and Islands Dean of Students, added:

“Congratulations to HISA for achieving this (literally) excellent award.

“Not only are they working effectively to support our students’ academic and social interests but they are doing so with a keen eye on sustainability and social considerations very much in line with the university’s own.

“We will continue to work in close partnership with HISA to ensure our campuses are eco-friendly for all who work and study there.”

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