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Monday, July 22, 2024

Highlands Shortchanged Again by UK Government

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Highlands and Islands MSP Emma Roddick has called out the UK Government for “again” leaving the Highlands worse-off, in a reaction to figures which show UK replacement funding leaves the Highlands short £18.8 million compared to what it received as a member of the European Union.

Previously, EU funding to support economic development in the Highland area was worth £28.3 million.  

The UK’s replacement funding is worth only £9.4 million.

She said: 

“We were told that being a member of the EU meant that our money was going elsewhere. 

“What the UK Tories didn’t mention is that they’re only fussed about redirecting it to London.

“All around the Highlands, there are EU flags displayed on buildings and organisations denoting a contribution from Europe that made the project possible. 

“The Tories’ replacement scheme has diverted nearly £19m away from our communities. We are noticing. 

“Not only has this Brexit – which the Highlands didn’t vote for – caused massive damage to our NHS, the hospitality sector, and the opportunities for our region’s young people to explore the EU, in the hands of the Conservatives, we’re missing out on public funding, too.  

“That the Tories are again leaving the Highlands short-changed shouldn’t be a surprise, but this is a huge loss to the region at a time where investment is critical to the future of our rural and island communities.

“We need to rejoin the EU as an independent country and stop leaving big decisions in the hands of incompetent governments in London who do not care about the north.”

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