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Holyrood Not Westminster Should Influence How Scotland is Run

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A clear majority of people in Scotland think the Scottish Government, not Westminster government, should have the most influence on how Scotland is run, according to a new survey.

The Scottish Attitudes Survey found that 75% of people in Scotland believe the Scottish Government should have the most influence over the way the country is run. 

It also found that 48% of people in Scotland trust the Scottish Government to make fair decisions, when compared with the Westminster government and local governments in Scotland.

Findings in the survey also show that 66% of Scots think the Scottish Government works in its best interests, compared to just 22% thinking the Westminster government does.

The survey also found that 68% agree with redistributing wealth from the richest to the poorest in society.

Commenting, SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said:

“What this survey fundamentally shows is that the people of Scotland strongly believe that decisions for the people of Scotland should be made in Scotland and not subject to Westminster control.

“That is why we need to forge our own path away from Westminster and towards independence.

“These findings demonstrate the tale of two governments the people of Scotland are faced with.

“One at Westminster that is crashing the economy and not working in Scotland’s best interests and the Scottish Government doing all it can with limited powers to support those that need it most.

“Even with one hand tied behind its back, the SNP Scottish Government has introduced a social security system with dignity, fairness and respect at its heart and just this month it implemented a rent freeze and eviction ban to ensure renters have a roof over their head this winter.

“However, the majority of powers are still held by the Westminster government which has completely tanked the economy, caused mortgage rates to soar and put pensions near the brink.

“That is why Scotland needs to escape the chaos at Westminster and choose a better future as an independent country.”

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