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Hope and Optimism at The Heart of New Chapter for SNP

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SNP Leader, John Swinney, will today mark a new chapter for the party with “hope and optimism at its heart”.

The new SNP Leader will join local MP Pete Wishart and party activists in Perth before they campaign locally to share the party’s aspirations for Scotland with people on the doorsteps.
SNP Leader, John Swinney said:

“This week marks a new chapter for the SNP – we are united in delivering the very best for Scotland, and our party is the only party in the UK with hope and optimism at its heart.

“Scotland has everything it takes to be a hugely successful country and our people want their politicians to do everything in their power to make that happen.

“That’s what they get from the SNP.

“Even with the limited powers of devolution, SNP policies have been transforming lives across our country and my SNP government will continue that work to make a real difference to the lives of people in Scotland. 

“However, it’s clear the progress the SNP is making for Scotland is being hindered by damaging decisions taken at Westminster like Brexit. 

“At the general election, the SNP is the only party who will stand up for Scotland at Westminster and the only party offering a positive vision for the future of our people – in stark contrast to the Tories and Labour, who expect Scotland to continue paying the price for Westminster’s failures.

“Under my leadership, the SNP will continue to take actions to build a modern, diverse, dynamic Scotland and, in doing so, we will demonstrate that our future is best served when decisions about Scotland are made in Scotland.” 

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