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Humza Yousaf Sets SNP Ambition for Tory Free Scotland

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Scotland’s First Minister, Humza Yousaf, launched the SNP’s 2024 UK General Election campaign in Glasgow on Friday 12 January.
Addressing politicians, candidates and activists, the SNP leader said that decisions at Westminster, such as Brexit, have damaged Scotland’s economy and led to the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Humza Yousaf added that only the SNP can ensure Scotland’s voice is heard at Westminster.
The SNP Leader declared that a Westminster election this year is an opportunity for voters to kick the Tories out of Scotland for good.
Humza Yousaf said:
“Today I want to tell you how, together, we can get the best outcome for the country.
“The first step we take towards a brighter future must be to kick the Tories out.
“Let’s be absolutely clear here: Rishi Sunak is finished.

“The Tories are done – thank goodness.
“The damage they have caused to Scotland is unforgivable and this year we must take the opportunity to kick them out of Scotland completely.
“The SNP is by far the best-placed party to do that.
“In every Tory-held seat in Scotland we are the party in second place.
“Today I am setting an ambition for the SNP to wipe the Tories from Scotland’s electoral map by winning all six of those Tory seats.
“That is a big ask, but I don’t believe you go into elections unless you are willing to be ambitious.
“It’s also the case that in more than half of the SNP-held seats, it is the Tories who are in second place.
“So, to people right across the country, our message will be very clear: vote SNP for a Tory-free Scotland.”

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