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Ignorant Westminster Penalises Scotland With Unequal Grid Charges

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Alan Brown MP (pictured) has slammed the UK government’s ignorance to decades of Westminster mismanagement on energy grid charges, which sees Scotland subject to the highest grid charges in Europe.

In a Westminster debate, the SNP MP called for an overhaul of the grid charging structure – which currently puts Scotland at a competitive disadvantage to counterparts in England – urging the UK government to fix the imbalance and encourage renewable energy generation north of the border.

Tory ministers refused to acknowledge the concerns raised, rather attempting to pass responsibility onto regulator Ofgem and failing to acknowledge the gross inequality.

Despite having 25% of Europe’s offshore wind capacity, grid charges make Scottish windfarms 20% more expensive than farms in the south of England.

Speaking after the Commons debate, Alan Brown MP said:

“For decades, Scotland has been shafted by Westminster mismanagement, but their ignorance to the disparity on electricity grid charges is staggering.

“While companies in the south of England are paid to connect to the grid, those in Scotland have to pay for this service – making the energy a staggering 20% more expensive.

“The UK government should be utterly ashamed of their inaction.

“Boris Johnson’s government risks facilitating a renewable jobs crisis and their failure to act jeopardises crucial progress in meeting Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets.

“This shocking disparity is yet another example that Westminster doesn’t care about Scotland.

“Only with independence can Scotland harness our full potential, lead the world in cutting carbon emissions and delivering a fairer, greener and more equal nation.”

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