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ILM Highland and Stella’s Voice Unite to Help Ukrainian Refugees

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Two social enterprises, one based in Alness, Highland and one in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire have joined forces to help Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.

ILM Highland has donated 50 refurbished Chromebooks to Stella’s Voice to help people affected by war have digital devices to enable them to connect with family and friends, to apply for work and to access resources and support.

ILM has a long and valued reputation of reuse and refurbishment of electrical appliances, which are sold in store in Alness and online throughout Highland.

The profits generated are reinvested to support ILM’s charitable activities that help local vulnerable residents in Ross-shire and Sutherland to stay living at home safely and independently through funded home improvement services. 

ILM Highland started refurbishing Chromebooks late last year to help provide affordable computing equipment while supporting reuse and reducing our impact on the planet.

The project is supported by Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Efficient Circular Economy Accelerator Programme, funded by the Scottish Government and European Regional Development Fund.

Stella’s Voice provides care, education, and jobs that are protecting the world’s vulnerable from human trafficking.

In Eastern Europe they run Stella’s House, which are homes for orphan girls who have been aged out of state-run facilities and are prime targets for sex traffickers, who want to trap them into modern slavery.

While living at Stella’s House, the girls complete their education, learn life skills, and grow in an environment that changes their mindset from ‘I am just an orphan’ to ‘I am worthy of being loved’.

Instead of becoming a child trafficking statistic, these children are loved and given a chance at a victorious life.

The Peterhead-based charity in Aberdeenshire is helping refugees in Moldova, where it has worked since 1996.

Since the war broke out earlier this year, Stella’s Voice has been helping people fleeing war-torn Ukraine in Moldova.

Shelter, food and vital support has been provided through donations and volunteers.

Mark Morgan, European director of Stella’s Voice, said:

“We have supported a number of women who were at risk of being people trafficked into the sex trade.

“They have fled Ukraine and have come to us.

“People have taken refugees into their homes in Moldova, but they have no extra resources to help them.

“As the war continues the need intensifies.

“The generous donation of refurbished Chromebooks from ILM Highland will help to provide vital digital support and connectivity.”

Martin Macleod, CEO of ILM Highland, said:

“We proudly support Stella’s Voice and are happy to be able to assist in providing digital devices to Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.

“All of the charity work we do is to help the most vulnerable.

“In addition to assisting those that need help most, we very much support the circular economy and undertake reuse of appliance and devices wherever possible helping to save both people and planet.”

To find out more about ILM Highland please visit www.ilmhighland.co.uk or follow ILM Highland on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

To find out more about Stella’s Voice please visit www.stellasvoice.org.uk 

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