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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

IMF Warn of Five More Years of Misery

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The SNP has said “independence is the only way to deliver long-term economic prosperity for Scotland” – after new analysis showed the UK is on course to have the highest inflation rate and slowest growth in the G7 next year. 

Analysis from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) confirmed that the UK’s inflation could peak at 6% and remain at 5% until 2028, while economic growth is predicted to grow by only 0.6% – making it the slowest growing developed country in 2024. 

Drew Hendry MP, the SNP’s economy spokesperson, has warned that with both the Tories and Labour “welded” on major economic policies like Brexit, there is no end in sight to the “economic turmoil” created by Westminster.

Commenting, Drew Hendry MP said:

“This latest analysis from the IMF confirms what we already knew: the economic turmoil created by Westminster is here to stay. 

“Households across Scotland continue to pay the price for Westminster incompetence, and their commitment to a broken Brexit that only makes families poorer. 

“However, with Labour also welded to Brexit, it is clear that no matter who enters No. 10 after the next election, the economic turmoil will continue.

“Time and time again, we see how small, independent countries similar to Scotland are fairer and wealthier than the UK.

“Why not Scotland? 

“Independence is the only way to deliver economic prosperity for Scotland – and rid ourselves of Westminster’s economic incompetence for good.” 

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