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Friday, April 19, 2024

Independence Crucial to Escape Westminster Chaos

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No matter who wins Tory contest, Scotland will lose.

Independence is crucial for Scotland to escape the chaos at Westminster and build a fairer, wealthier and happier country.

SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown has said that this week has demonstrated why Scotland needs independence now more than ever to forge its own path away from the shambolic UK government and permanent Westminster chaos.

He has also said that no matter who is Boris Johnson’s replacement, they will still not have Scotland’s best interests at heart.

Commenting, Keith Brown said:

“The events of the past week, months and years of Westminster chaos have shown exactly why Scotland needs to forge its own path as an independent nation now more than ever.

“As demonstrated by the Scottish Government’s first paper on independence, Scotland is being held back by the UK compared to countries of a similar size to Scotland.

“Now we will be plunged into even more uncertainty during the most devastating cost of living crisis in recent memory.

“It does not matter who wins the contest to become the new Tory leader, ultimately Scotland will be the loser as the next Prime Minister will still not have Scotland’s best interests at heart.

“Westminster control means continual uncertainty for the people of Scotland as they struggle to put food on the table and heat their homes.

“Only with independence can Scotland finally forge its own path towards a future away from the chaos of the broken, corrupt and shambolic Westminster system and towards a fairer, wealthier and happier country.”

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