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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Independence is Establish Position as Support Remains at 54%

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Nicola Sturgeon rated three times higher than UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A new poll published today has put support for Scottish independence at 54% – the second Panelbase poll to show the figure in recent weeks, and marks the highest level of support for the SNP and independence ever in a Panelbase for Sunday Times poll.

Since the Westminster election in 2019, a majority of polls have had support for independence in the lead – just one month ago, a Panelbase poll had Yes support at 52% and just two weeks ago, a Panelbase poll had Yes support at 54%.

Commenting on the findings, Professor John Curtice said “never before have the foundations of public support for the Union looked so weak” as the poll outlined support for the Union dropping by 5 points.

He explained that the last three months “have exemplified how Scotland could govern itself better as an independent, small country.”

Keith Brown MSP said:

“The majority of polls since the Westminster election have had Yes in the lead – majority support for independence is now the established position of the people of Scotland.

“On the basis of this sustained record support, it’s impossible for the UK government to deny Scotland a choice over its future.

“This out-of-touch Tory government exemplifies the very worst of the Union, and Boris Johnson may be the best recruiting tool for Scottish independence since Margaret Thatcher.

“The focus of the Scottish Government remains on tackling the coronavirus pandemic – this poll shows Nicola Sturgeon’s approval rating is three times that of Boris Johnson.

“It’s clear that people in Scotland have confidence in the SNP, and in Scotland’s ability to govern itself – and want nothing to do with the Prime Minister and his cabinet of Brexit cronies.

“It’s also no surprise that Keir Starmer’s decision to double down his party’s support for the union will consign Scottish Labour to electoral history at the ballot box next year.

“Richard Leonard needs to wake up to the fact that a third of Labour voters in Scotland back independence – opposing a referendum will only bring more people to the SNP.

“While the SNP take absolutely nothing for granted, these polls do make for positive reading ahead of the Holyrood election in 2021.

“We will continue to deliver for people in Scotland, and build support for a fairer, more equal and inclusive independent nation.”

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